Posted by: hamletgip | December 17, 2010


Nidotherapy workshop February 2012


Nidotherapy (first two syllables rhyme with ‘Fido’) is devoted to changing the environment in all its forms so a better fit is established between a person and every aspect of their surroundings.  In this context environment refers not only to the physical environment – where you live and work – but also the social and personal environment, so covering every aspect of your interaction with your surroundings.  Although we have been aware of the important environment and its effect on mental health for many years we have not examined it systematically in the scientific sense and worked out which are its important elements and which might be cast aside.  This website is a start in this process and we would like it to be an interactive one in which everybody could contribute.  We would therefore like suggestions of how the website could be improved and made more comprehensive.

Nidotherapy is a new concept in mental health. For years we have labored under the happy notion that with humanity, determination and a little science, we could correct all the disabilities and handicaps associated with psychiatric disorder. But we have over-reached ourselves. A large number of mental disorders are labeled ‘chronic’, as health professionals have very little impact on their symptoms and course. Nidotherapy is for such people, who often feel they have failed because they have not shared in the heady notion that all can recover. Although we take notice of the environment in mental health, we seldom go about systematically analyzing it and changing it to fit the person, so that their sense of well being and belonging are improved. These processes are the focus of nidotherapy and should give optimism to both practitioners and patients who have been close to abandoning hope.

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