Book for the 2017 Nidotherapy Training Workshop




Final programme for 2017 nidotherapy workshop (12th February)




Theme:  Nidotherapy:  The Bridge Between Health and Social Care

Venue:  The Cedars Room, Deincourt Hotel, London Road, Newark, NG24 1TF


Wednesday 22nd February


12.30. Welcome and registration

1pm.  Buffet lunch

13.40-15.00. Introductions followed by brief recapitulation of the principles of nidotherapy with video and case examples (Peter and Helen Tyrer)

15.00-15.15. Tea break

15.15-16.15.  Case presentation by Helen Tyrer, followed by discussion

16.15-17.00.  Key questions from the delegates about their special interest in nidotherapy and how it might help – this may affect programme focus

17.00. Address by Mayor and Mayoress of Newark about local initiatives and their relationship to nidotherapy

17.20-18.30.   Solving environmental problems – separation into work groups followed by discussion

19.15.   Dinner in Deincourt Hotel


Thursday 23rd February


09.00.    Skills needed in nidotherapy followed by discussion

10.00.  Phases of nidotherapy dissected

Phase 1.  Understanding the patient

Phase 2.  Environmental analysis

Phase 3.  Creation of nidopathway

Phase 4.  Monitoring and adjustment of nidopathway

11.00-11.15.  Coffee break

11.15-12.45.   Presentation of problems – first phase

13.00-13.45.   Buffet lunch at Deincourt Hotel

13.45-14.15     Meeting of NIDUS-UK Trustees (closed meeting)

14.15-15.50.   Presentations of problems – second phase (this will include people giving an account of their difficulties and inviting environmental solutions)

15.50-16.10.   Tea break

16.10-17.20.  Continuation of presentation of problems

17.20-18.00.   Discussion and questions

17.30-18.30.   Research studies on nidotherapy – what do they tell us?

19.00.   Dinner at a local restaurant (Koinonia – close to the hotel – directions given) Could all wanting to attend please indicate any food preferences to Peter or Helen Tyrer


Friday, 24th February


9.00-9.10. Introduction to nidotherapy for the elderly, with a focus on dementia

9.10-9.45. Caring for people with dementia in Newark – presentation by Ken Daubney

9.45- 10.15     Discussion

10.15-11.00. The importance of the environment in people with dementia and intellectual disability

11.00-11.15.  Coffee break

11.15-12.30.  Development of nidotherapy and other services for dementia, with particular emphasis on local needs

12.30.   Close of workshop followed by buffet lunch


To date 28 people have registered for the workshop, with an international mix of psychiatrists, physicians, occupational therapists, a pharmacist, social workers and carers