COVID-19 has given the world an environmental jolt.  We have all had to make big changes in our lives to accommodate the advice needed to stem the spread of the coronavirus.  When the epidemic is over we will all have to reassess our lives and decide our futures. This is where nidotherapy comes in.  Each of the changes now forced on us has to be assessed dispassionately.  Some are irksome and we cannot wait to get rid of them, but others, when we look at them carefully, have advantages, and these we will want to keep.  Nidotherapy, whether instigated by us ourselves  (self-nidotherapy) or by others, is needed here.  We have to ask ourselves, ‘which changes should be cherished and which abandoned?’ and to answer this question in the long-term, not just for now. Reading about nidotherapy may help here, so please look around.

Our links to GIP (Global Initiative on Psychiatry) are acknowledged by our joining the Mind the Gap initiative launched by Robert van Voren: