Nidopathways – Blogs

We have set up a blog to support people starting out in nidotherapy with their planned environmental changes. These changes (and their timing) are known as nidopathways. All contributors are receiving nidotherapy.

Our first contributor is Gary, a man who has not worked for some time and who looks unlikely to gain employment in the near future. However, he has a penchant – some might say a talent – for storytelling. We think Gary’s short stories deserve a wider audience — so, together they will constitute his blog (and while we would prefer a smarter title like ‘Gary’s Compositions’, blog does seem to be the word of the moment). So far, we have published ‘Angela’, ‘A Diamond from the Dust’ and ‘The Way to Freedom’.

Sean is another person receiving nidotherapy who is uncertain about a path forward in life. He is far from sure about what he wants to do, and suffers from insomnia, depression and self-doubt. Sean’s first short story shows considerable promise so we have decided to publish it on the nidotherapy website and make him our second contributor.

Call for Submissions!

Please contact if you would be interested in contributing to our blog.