Nidotherapy workshop 2021

We have now decided to have our nidotherapy workshop hosted by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as Peter Tyrer has just taken up a consultant appointment with them. The meeting will be a virtual one because of the uncertainty over COVID and will be held using the Microsoft Teams system. Please note the dates – Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th of September. The meeting will be focused mainly on the treatment of personality disorder using nidotherapy and its expanded version, Adaptive and Acceptance Therapy (see book – Overcoming Personality Disorder: Its in your hands – just published.

There will be no charge for attendance. The agenda is below. Could all those wishing to attend for all or part of the workshop get in touch with Peter at and Kaatje at as we need to plan in advance to accommodate as many of the interests of the delegates as we can.

Nidotherapy Workshop  2021

Venue:  The meeting will be held virtually using the Microsoft Teams online system provided by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK.  All times are British Summer Time (BST).  All delegates should register with Kaatje Lomme ( in advance to get a linked invitation to the meeting, one for each day of the workshop.

The meeting was a very lively and successful one and those delegates who would like to have a recording of any of the sessions please let Peter Tyrer or Kaatje Lomme know. The Horton and Boston projects were discussed at length.


Tuesday 14th September

Chair:  Peter Carter  

9.00.   Introduction of delegates

9.15.   Brief introduction of personality disorders and their impact on health (Peter Tyrer)

9.35.  Questions

9.45.  Nidotherapy principles in personality disorder  (Peter and Helen Tyrer) 

10.00  What treatments are  available for personality disorder and where does nidotherapy fit in?  (Conor Duggan)

11.00.   Díscussion and debate

11.30    Break 

11.40   The place of Arts Therapies in  nidotherapy (Steve Cawte and Cerrita Smith)

12.20.  Social prescribing,  nidotherapy and Adaptive and Acceptance Therapy (Peter Tyrer and Jed Boardman)

13.15  Lunch break

Chair:  Sandra O’Sullivan  

14.00. Who are the best nidotherapists, psychiatrists, front-line workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers?   A debate

15.00. Prince Edward Island case – a presentation from Canada (video and discussion)(Dr Ben Spears)

16.00. Tea break

16.15.  Treating people with personality problems and complex pathology in community mental health teams – principles (Peter Carter)

17.30.  Discussion

18.00. End of Day 1

Wednesday 15th September

Chair;  Peter Tyrer

8.30.  Adapting nidotherapy for a rehabilitation service (Pathways, New Zealand)  

9.30.  Skills needed to supervise nidotherapy and environmental change treatment in the UK and abroad (Wendelin Pohl (Switzerland), Susanne Bejerot (Sweden), Ben Spears (Canada)

9.50.  Discussion

10.10. Nidotherapy in intellectual disability settings (video and film)(Victoria Meade (Australia) , Peter Tyrer

11.10.  Coffee break

11.20   Introduction of nidotherapy at Horton Rehabilitation Services, plans and expectations  (Peter Tyrer, Sara Pountney)

12.30. Discussion

13.00. Lunch break

13.45. Boston Personality Project – introducing management of personality disorder to a whole population (Boston Team)

15.45. Tea break

16.00. Additional time for discussion and for any new items

17.00. End of workshop