NIDUS-UK is the registered charity (Charity No. 1154650) supporting the development of nidotherapy and reform of mental health services in all countries of the world. It also supports the workshops that have been held every year since 2006. Currently it is supporting three projects, one in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Comprehensive Mental Healthcare  which celebrated its 4th anniversary in 2014.  The Director of the Institute, Dr Ibrahim Khaleel, was in need of a great deal of support in the early years of its life as there were insufficient paying patients to support the care of all who attended (most of whom cannot afford to pay). We are glad to say that the Institute is now breaking even financially, but it is keen to expand further and needs further funds. Ibrahim has recently set up a charity (Empower) to support the next phase of its expansion with the addition of new buildings to add to the hospital services of the Institute. This is being supported by a crowdfunding initiative.

The second project, supported by Porto Montenegro  and a grant from the predecessor of NIDUS-UK, HAMLET-GIP, involves the training of Montenegrin social workers and occupational therapists in both nidotherapy and modern community health practice. This has been coordinated by Dr Maja Ranger in Montenegro and Professor Peter and Dr Helen Tyrer in the UK, and has already led to the opening of a new day hospital in the town of Nicsic, and the beginning of training of one occupational therapist and four social workers (see Nidotherapy workshop 2015).  This work is expected to expand to cover the whole of the country.

The third project is based in Newark and is raising mental health awareness amongst all staff and volunteers at Newark Hospital. This is part of a national push to integrate mental and physical care across the country. The funds for this are being raised by performances of The Death of King John at the Palace Theatre, Newark, and All Saints Church, Hawton.

In November 2020 we are in the process of purchasing a property to be used as a Nidotherapy Advice Centre. More will follow as the negotiations develop.

The Trustees of NIDUS-UK are:

Professor Peter Tyrer, Emeritus Professor of Community Psychiatry at the Centre for Psychiatry, Imperial College, London

Dr Helen Tyrer, Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health, Imperial College, London

Dr Maja Ranger, Consultant Psychiatrist in Rehabilitation, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Jed Boardman, Senior Lecturer in Social Psychiatry and Consultant Psychiatrist at South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, and Lead on Social Inclusion at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Ms Sandra O’Sullivan, Research Delivery Manager, NIHR Clinical Research Network, North West London

Ms Kaatje Lomme, Project Manager, NIHR Clinical Research Network, North West London

Mr Steve Watson, photographer, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Dr Catherine Gardiner, general practitioner, Rochester, Kent

Mr Steve Cawte, dramatist and poet, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Dr Rosalind Watts, clinical psychologist, London

Dr Peter Carter, former Chief Executive, Royal College of Nursing, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire

The bank account of NIDUS-UK is with the Cooperative Bank.  NIDUS-UK is linked to the Global Initiative in Psychiatry (GIP), based in Hilversum, the Netherlands, and has an associated account for the Jim Birley Scholarships, set up in memory of the late Chairman of GIP, Dr James Birley. PT is an examiner for the scholarships annually.

Donations to NIDUS-UK should be sent by BACS (details from Professor and Dr Tyrer) or by cheque to the NIDUS-UK address;

The Poplars, Cotham Lane, Hawton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 3RL

One of the related activities of NIDUS-UK is the production and performance of operettas involving actors and singers of all ages and talents, and the particular aspect of nidotherapy that this promotes is ‘inclusion’ – the ability to bring everyone down (or up) to a common level whereby status and position do not matter and the play dictates the terms.  This is an excellent means of eliminating the standard hierarchies in mental health practice.

Under the heading of ‘Operettas‘ you can see an example if this. ‘Browning’ is an operetta describing the 1845 romance of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. The performers include psychiatric patients with major mental disorders, professors of psychiatry, consultant psychiatrists, students, children and other health professionals, and with a jazz musician (Colin Dudman) and a former conductor (Daniel Tomkins) keeping all in time. Most observers would be hard put to differentiate between these groups when seeing the operetta.  More importantly, rehearsing and performing these is tremendous fun, and becomes an environmental therapy in its own right.

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