Newarke Canterbury Tales

The Newarke Canterbury Tales are  now advertised on the Canterbury Festival Website (google Canterbury Festival Newarke Canterbury Tales) and the performance  is on Saturday 26th October, 2019 at 7.30pm at St Peter’s Methodist Church in St Peter’s Street in the Centre of Canterbury.   Tickets are available from for £10 (£7 concessions) and can either be purchased directly after confirmation by email. through BACS (Cooperative Bank Ltd, reference NCT Ticket Sales, sort code 089299, account number 65672745) with postal address of purchase added (preferred) or by email only with confirmation that payment for the ticket will be made at the door (we will have a list of all who have booked).  Block bookings of 5 or more will cost £8 each per person.  People will also be able to pay at the door on the night of the performance if seats are available. Supporters and members of the cast will be in St Peter’s Street at the end of the alley leading up to the church and can tell you exactly how many tickets have been sold.

The Newarke Canterbury Tales are supported by NIDUS-UK because they are uplifting and are mental health improvers/mental illness hoovers, whichever you prefer.  They take us back to 1378, not the greatest time to be English as people were recovering from the Black Death, but along came this guy, Geoffrey Chaucer, and gave everyone a lift.  So we are updating Geoffrey a little so that you too can have a lift, can forget all about Brexit, which in 1378 was a form of chain-mail, and join the 30 strong cast in old-fashioned escapism.  You can also buy the book – also Newarke Canterbury Tales with an evocative cover – if you wish at a knockdown price on Amazon from its sites around the world.