Nidotherapy in Iran

presentation to dr farnam

Dr Alireza Farnam, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran, is setting up a nidotherapy training group, initially in Tabriz, and later extending this to other universities in Iran.  ‘Nidotherapy is well suited to the care of the mentally ill in Iran as we have a long tradition of society orientated psychiatry, and nidotherapy fits very well into this’, said Dr Farnam. ‘It would be suitable for both in-patients who are in a chronic phase of their condition, and also for out-patients who are not responsive to standard treatment. But it should not just be reserved for these groups, as there are many people we see in ordinary practice who could benefit also. We need to involve patients much more in making decisions about their care, and when it comes to environmental change our patients often can give us much more guidance than anyone else. It allows a proper balance to be made between treatments decided by health professionals and changes asked for by patients.’   Further information about this exciting development will be added as the programme develops. More information will be added in Farsi shortly.

Dr Farnam has recently been fully trained in nidotherapy and his certificate of high competence was presented to him by Peter and Helen Tyrer in April (see photograph above)