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Nido (‘Nest’) therapy: Top psychiatrist issues strong challenge for change

Professor Peter Tyrer argues his profession practises ‘mental colonialism’ on people with long-term, chronic mental illness that’s resistant to treatment.  His approach is called nidotherapy — nido meaning ‘nest’ — focused on changing a person’s environment not their personality. And, Jenny relates her poignant identity struggle and triumphs of being a long term “service user”.

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BBC Documentary

This film is about a patient treated with nidotherapy, broadcast on the BBC in Feb 2007.  It is a good illustration of Nidotherapy in practice.

Source – BBC News / BBC Sport / – © [2011] BBC

Here is Daniel 26 months later. He is still living at the new home in West London and is doing well – perhaps too well as he does not want to leave. Here we see him talking just after being woken up and so he is a little sleepy at first and seems to be subdued. As he wakes up he talks in a much more reflective way about his problem but underneath the essential Daniel is still there.

Nidotherapy and Reduction in Patient Bed Usage

The article below is about how Nidotherapy has reduced annual bed usage for patients.




You can view details of the scenes and performers in the programme below


Pantomime – The Election of Cinderella

April is not normally the season for pantomimes, but as the General Election is about to take place in May, we thought it would be a good time to improve the national environment by having a pantomime showing all the funny sides of the political parties.  So The Election of Cinderella is being performed at the Magnus School, Newark, at 7.15pm on Friday 10th April.  Tickets cost only £5 with £3 for children and these can be obtained at the door.

We now have the performance to show you – not the most polished in the world and some parts are a little dark – but it is full of fun and will also show you who is going to win the General Election!  But remember, they are being elected to the House of Cards in the Kingdom of Harmony and there may be some skullduggery afoot!