Nidotherapy workshop 2021

Apologies for the delay here. Because of the COVID pandemic we postpone our February workshop till later in the year. This is likely to be held at Horton Rehabilitation Services in Surrey in the summer, and it may combine virtual and face to face meetings. The Horton Services are embracing the principles of nidotherapy for all their patients and the workshop should give them a kick start. More to follow when details known.

The meeting was a very lively and successful one and those delegates who would like to have a recording of any of the sessions please let Peter Tyrer or Kaatje Lomme know. The Horton and Boston projects were discussed at length.

The Watermeadow Mystery

This is a summer diversion for those interested in nidotherapy. The Watermeadow Mystery is a story to interest all those who have the spirit of inquiry.  It is set in the little village of Hawton seventy years ago, when old fashioned English values had been preserved after being somewhat subdued by the advent of war.  But gradually they emerged again, and the Watermeadow Mystery begins with a convivial golf tournament on the spacious Watermeadow course. Few of those present had any inkling of what was to follow.

This book was published in the summer of 2018. It has received some excellent reviews but the local interest has been meagre. I am afraid Lee Child, who was a pupil at my former schoo, gets more readings in a day than I get in a year, but I still make out that quality and breeding are the things that really matter, and that, despite everything, Frothy Watermeadow and his family will triumph in the end.

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